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YES I'm talking 

to YOU...

The overachiever!                



  ... a fusion of 

Ancient and              Modern Healing            Modalities?


Are you      Seeking 

PHYSICAL balance



Personalized vision quests. Now.

 Welcome to a multi-dimensional approach to wellness called 

                           Radiance Technology (RT). 

This is a portal, the gateway to access a guide who will guide you to YOUR own answers, you will answer the most important questions you will ever ask yourself. How do I heal myself? How will I become sovereign? How do I heal my HeART? 

Through MINd+BoDy+HeArt+SpiriT

How? Personalized Soul Coaching Sessions or ...

               fun fitness and meditative kriyas... your pick

RT is a contribution to the modern trend toward more personalized health care, heart-awakening services and 

ultimately, it is a path to activate your higher consciousness for your personal 

life transformation.

Using ancient technologies, like spirit counsel, Reiki, Kundalini Yoga, and MANTRA (sound healing) you will learn and PRACTICE awakening techniques. 

Super Humans, we are evolving. Activated. 

Do you feel pain or increased stress which you can’t explain? STRANGE chronic ILLNESS?  Do you have experiences in your life you want to release and transcend ? Have you seen many medical professionals to treat a mystery illness with little or no answers? 

            Seeking relief through alternative methods, like YOGA and MEDITATION?

                     BALANCE                                                        QUIET TIME

                                         RADIANT JOYFULNESS

                      Do you feel low energy most days?

                                    AWAKENING SPIRIT                  


                                    FLOW STATE BEING                                      

Modern Yogini, Jennifer Giordano, specializes in:

                                            Facilitating healing

                by catalyzing personal transformation, while enlightening

                                     your individual consciousness to effect the collective mind. 

                 In Essence, she is committed to BEing the MEDICINE

             STRENGTH                            FLEXIBILITY                                    

           GRACE                                          EASE     

As an empath or clairgnostic, Jennifer developed a new healing modality, which is a multidimensional creative healing arts practice called...

                Radiance Technology: multidimensional approaches to energy healing using divine counsel, including meditation and kriyas (actions)  for supporting glandular balance, central nervous system reboot, mood, health, increasing manifestations, and making magic

Clairgnosis "specifically refers to a clear knowing of God, Spirit or higher power and how it presents itself to us through intuition." 

                              There is something for everyone here.

Don't call yourself a "Spiritual Person" ? Do you want a simple fast, fun way to stay fit? 

Check out AIREALINI Playshops - aireal/kundalini yoga

                                  Wanna dive deeper into the mysteries of QUANTUM HEALING? 

                       RT Therapy online or in person and Soul Coaching Sessions are designed for you. 

You are part of a SOURCE that includes all life ENERGY. You are GOD SPARK 

 YOU have found a PATH to reverse your subconscious negative patterns,

 This may help you live a more

                                         authentic,    joyful, and abundant life. 

                                                                        If YOU choose to. 

Expect miracles as Radiance Technology helps you discover and remove blocks, while increasing body awareness and mental clarity. 

YOUR Focused attention, placed on hidden subconscious patterns, can heal your energy bodies and improve your life circumstances

Jennifer assists each client in a highly specialized manner...


                MAGNIFY YOUR LIGHT

                                                          EMBODY PEACE



                                       Purpose: Unite Your Physical Body with

                                                           Your Higher Self,

                                                         Your Eternal Soul.


Jennifer is skilled in reiki, light intuitive touch, yoga, nutritional coaching, breath work, intimacy practices, aerial yoga, meditation, OverSoul Connection, embodiment practices, ecstatic dance, spiritual counsel, life coaching and sound healing.


  Because each session causes an internal alignment, it's often

                   described as "chiropractic treatments for the Soul"

                                       a Lightened Load of Mental Stress, and

                                                             an Experience of Unconditional Love. 

                         Live your Fullest Potential


     … Not when you're rich

        … Not when you're famous

             … Not when you are "perfect".

                                                     RIGHT NOW   

Choose to Find the Purpose in Your Pain

                    ... with Radiance Technology.


       This is a specialized, prescriptive approach.

       Sessions involve specific guided medical meditations, kundalini

       yoga therapy, and tantric DIVINE LIGHT transmissions

       bringing balance to the chakras,


                         guiding you into altered states of consciousness.



       Coaching                     Breathwork                Counsel             Sound Healing

                  Aireal Hammock Yoga               Sharing & Talking            Soul Gazing

        Intuitive Touch Massage            DNA Activations          Coaching


 Note *If you are a reiki healer, yoga teacher, or massage therapist contact us for training and details about the affiliate program and referral network portal that are currently in development. We may send clients to you for a referral fee upon approval with training requirements met.

Movement & Meditation. Your daily Medication.


/ what we specialize in

Radiance Technology (RT) specializes in creatively designed healing sessions and group kundalini yoga energy therapy classes. Each session is uniquely personalized and practitioners tailor the experience to   individuals' energy fields using research-based practices 

                  i.e. kundalini yoga,  breath workhealing                               touchacupressurereflexologyhealth counseling

aromatherapy,  and other ancient technologies. These methods hold  immense transformative power to efficiently and  holistically heal                    Body


                                  and Spirit

Movement  and Meditation. Your Daily Medication.... 

and Medically Necessary too. 


Each session is customized using the intuition, base training and knowledge of a healers' unique experience in yoga, reiki, or massage. 

These methods hold immense transformative power to efficiently, and holistically heal.

 We as conscious healers are allowing the Holy Spirit (or Higher Consciousness) to enter into the session and work through us to balance a client's' subtle energy field.  

During treatment the removal of blocks in the emotional body, and energy bodies, may trigger a "Light Body" Activation also called a DNA activation

Awakening              Kundalinrising         changes in               the subtle energy


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  • "In Jennifer you will find strong gifts of faith, love, joy, and divine enthusiasm blending beautifu...
    "In Jennifer you will find strong gifts of faith, love, joy, and divine enthusiasm blending beautifully with the simplicity and goodness of her humanity that inspire her healing love and intention and blesses all that surround her."
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    Ericka Vox Núñez‎

    Master Shamanic Empowerment Coach
  • "Jennifer is a glorious being doing the good work. Grateful to be around her. Activate your life, ra...
    "Jennifer is a glorious being doing the good work. Grateful to be around her. Activate your life, radiance and increase your joy!"
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    Michelle Paloma Devi

  • "Jennifer was such a pleasure to work with. She really helped me through different stages in my preg...
    "Jennifer was such a pleasure to work with. She really helped me through different stages in my pregnancy. Of course, I was going to my regularly scheduled doctor appointments. At the time I had symptoms of extreme tiredness and low energy as I reached my 5th and 6th months, she intuitively suggested that I take a certain type of Iron pill that the doctor didn't suggest. After I started taking the supplement, I felt like a new person. I had a lot more energy and my blood results were better. She continued to be a source of emotional support throughout the rest of my pregnancy."
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    Kandace Lindsey

  • "As an early zen practitioner I was initiated into eastern approaches to energy and healing. While w...
    "As an early zen practitioner I was initiated into eastern approaches to energy and healing. While western medicine takes a very symptomatic approach, Jennifer's work deals with energy. She helps you to align yours so that you are not in conflict with yourself, and unlike traditional massage therapy which works on basic mechanics of healing, Jennifer's approach starts from the heart outward. It's very refreshing and positive."
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★



  • "One of the most amazing aspects of Radiance Techno...

    "One of the most amazing aspects of Radiance Technology is that it's an integration of several very powerful healing modalities. Jennifer presents the modalities with a beautiful flow and each treatment has more lasting effects than the one before. She answers any questions you may have and I recall her guidance whenever I face any stressful moments. Her ability to connect you to a 'higher self ' is very important as we are often too busy and caught up with daily struggles to familiarize ourselves with this energy. Jennifer maintains open communication with you after her treatments to ensure positive habits. She truly cares about your well-being. She is also passionate about giving back in the community and encouraging the divinity that we all possess. I recommend her to anyone that feels like they may have lost their way, to anyone who is heart broken or anyone feeling a lethargy when it comes to their life or their passions."

    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    Indy Reishi

    Traditional Sikh Musician & Yogi/ Digital Media Artist


/ what we are made of

Through community we find COMMON UNITY and support to take on the challenges of living life. Churches, religions, cults, neighborhoods, all of these have great unifying powers. The Light cannot exist without the Dark. Develop diverse friendships and you will see the faces of God in all its' various forms. 

You will develop patience, understanding, charity and experience growth. 

Here are some of the people I call my "SPIRIT FAMILY". These individuals played key roles in my path to heal, awaken, and reach my potential as a FAITHWALKER. 

Without family, friends, and sometimes an occasional random act of kindness, what would our lives be like?   


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